Gornie is a decorated veteran of the U.S. Army and an award winning leader who has led teams, both nationally and internationally, in a variety of environments including: academic, corporate, military and non-profit. Gornie travels the country coaching, consulting, and facilitating interactive workshops on how to implement the key principles that lead to success in the classroom, in business and in life.


Help individuals and teams increase their capability, and achieve results through personal development, professional development and innovation.

  • Design and facilitate sessions for leaders and teams to support innovation.
    • Developed and led a Leadership Development program for one of the fastest growing banks in the nation.
  • Advise on budget development, change management, cost-savings, organizational structure and strategic planning.
    • Helped an organization develop a new structure to support a 300% production increase.
  • Lead interactive workshops where participants learn new information; validate and enhance learning with hands-on exercises; and walk away with an action plan and tools for immediate implementation.
    • Developed and currently leading a chamber of commerce city leadership program.
  • Work with individuals and teams to create a sustained increase in performance.
    • Implement performance execution systems; creating vision, prioritizing goals and measuring results; achieving a 20% sustained increase for a recent client.
    • Coach students, job seekers, and seasoned business owners through systematic personal / career development.
  • Facilitate new business solutions and innovation.
    • Lead the development of a 29-point Product Evaluation Matrix and corresponding Scoring System.


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